What we do

Scotland's canyons are hidden and ancient glens full of natural beauty and wonder, exploring them is exhilarating and lots of fun! Canyoning usually involves swimming, climbing, jumping and sliding down a stream as it plunges through a rocky chasm. On our trips we introduce specialised harnesses, carabiners and ropes then use them to reach deep pools and majestic waterfalls. We help our guests discover Scotland's Canyons, the joy of canyoning and possibly something new about themselves along the way.

What is canyoning

Who We are

This is us canyoning together in Alva Glen, our favourite Scottish Canyon. Diana, Finn (2 years), Ronja (4months) and Ruaridh are a family operator with experience from all over the world. Ask us about canyoning in New Zealand, Switzerland or Italy. We'd love to hear from you! Give us a call or WhatsApp us.

Ruaridh and Diana canyoning guides portrait

What we offer

We offer private canyoning for groups, couples or individuals in any suitable canyon in Scotland. We also offer sheduled trips to share with a group of similar experience. Canyoning offers a true adventure whether you are looking for a challenge to overcome, a new skill to learn or a fun day out in beautiful nature.

happy canyoning team under waterfall

More than just click and pay

Before you book we like to offer personalised advice and answer any questions you may have. Our information and booking office can be contacted every day for any request. We want to make sure that you are going to book the experience that is right for you.

Contact us

We'd love to hear from you! Enquire now, Give us a call, send us an email or message us on whatsapp. 

Canyoner explores a beautiful natural chasm in Socttish Canyon


It's more fun canyoning when you are comfortable so we use and maintain only the highest standards of gear and equipment to keep you warm and secure.


If it isn't safe we won't do it. We practise regularly to maintain the highest standards, first aid training and incident management. All our trips are supported by Pharos Response.

Supported by Pharos Response


We are very fortunate that our trips involve a small numbers of participants, usually from one or two households and take place entirely in the outdoors. We are very careful to follow current government guidelines and regulations.


Your Experience

We measure our success from the satisfaction of our guests, that's why we love to work with small groups and private trips. With personal numbers we can give our full attention to planning and running an adventure that fits. We love what we do and so aspire to help our guests enjoy it as much as we do!

canyoner enjoys a beutiful natural glen deep in a Scottish Canyon