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Learn Adventure Skills with Scotland's Canyons

The adventure pathway teaches the skills and mindset that unlocks unforgettable moments in any of Scotland's canyons. Through experiential learning, we'll help you accomplish your goals and build the confidence to go out and lead adventures safely.

The Adventure Pathway The Adventure Pathway
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Learn the Skills

Canyoning skills empower true adventure. Quick to learn and fun to master, developing canyoning skills is the key that unlocks safe and rewarding adventures.

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Master the Mindset

An adventurous mindset is a powerful tool that can help us make safe and confident choices in all aspects of life. When faced with a challenge, an adventure leader trusts practiced skills and uses knowledge and experience to make strong choices.

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Love the Adventure

Adventure is inherent in us and canyoning invigorates the instinct to explore. Every moment of discovery is unique and the joy of experiencing Scotland's wild and beautiful canyons is infectious.

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Our Commitment to Safety

For each adventure you will learn to qualify yourself through relevant and recent experience, advice from your mentors and diligent observations, dynamically assessing the risk involved in any given situation. We only embark on safe, legal and enjoyable adventures and if we reasonably assume that an activity is not all of these things then we won't do it.

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It's natural that as you develop your understanding of canyoning and the equipment involved you will want your own. Over time we will help you choose and source appropriate equipment. In the mean time you are always welcome to hire our premium quality equipment for use in your training sessions. It's more fun canyoning when you are comfortable so we use and maintain only the highest standards of gear to keep our guests warm and secure.

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Canyoning in Scotland: A Map of Our Favorite Locations

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